Dave Winer

"Don't Be Evil"

  • Is Google's commandment.
  • Mine isn't yet as concise.
  • But here it is...

Apps must...

  • Give instant gratification and
  • Convey a sense of purpose, yet
  • Be deep.

We serve

  • Designers
  • Programmers
  • Writers

Starter apps

  • In 1984 the Mac could never have made it without MacWrite and MacPaint.
  • Gave developers something to emulate.
  • Helped form the coral reef.

Where's the catch?

  • My goal is to deliver an outline-based writing, design and coding platform, and have there be no catch.
  • No hidden business model. Nothing I have to prove other than you can do all this at the same time.
  • I may want to sell something, but you will always have choice to buy or not. Or buy from someone else.

Thanks for listening

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